About Us

What is Topexstore?
Topex Store is an online shopping store operated in Malaysia and lowest possible price is guaranteed. Owned and managed by Bumiputera , Muslim company.
Who are we?
A team of sourcing gurus who are highly experienced in global e-commerce platforms. We consist of senior merchandisers from major suppliers of famous e-commerce platforms like Groupon, Lazada, Qoo10, etc. We have literally created the group-buying boom in recent years. However, we think group-buying industry is ripe for disruption. Why do we need a middleman who is not effective, sometimes problematic? Topexstore is the place where you can truly experience the sweet spot of demand meeting supply.
How are we different from other platforms?
First of all, we are the direct seller. There is no middleman. This guarantees that products are absolutely marked at the lowest possible price. Secondly, we test, store and ship every product we sell at Topexstore. We are 100% accountable for your shopping experience. We don't work like other platforms which always refer you to their sellers/merchant and this is just a complete waste of time. If anything, please just come directly to us. Last but not least, we welcome wholesalers and company customers. If you order in bulk, please expect a further discount and tailored delivery/installation options which are not available to individuals.
What do we sell?>
As a "curated" online shop, our team handpick from products around the world. We do not and will not sell thousand types of products. If you are looking for sites like Amazon, you come to the wrong place. These are our criteria to list products at Topexstore:
  • For unbranded(OEM) products, we make sure they are the cheapest in your country and have the best cost/performance ratio you will ever find.
  • For branded products, we make sure they are authentic and we will provide warranty as agreed to brand owner's policy.
  • For all products we sell, inferiority is not an option. We test them, we ourselves use them, love them and finally we list them here.
  •  Depan Klinik Desa, Kg. Wakaf Bata, 18500 Machang, Kelantan, Malaysia
  •   +60 14-514 4513
  •   info@topexstore.my

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For more details please call us at +60 14-514 4513.

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